Why Measure...

All you need is a tape measure! While it's easiest to have someone else take your measurements, it can be done by yourself. Just stand in front of a mirror so that you can see that you have the tape in the right position.
Ideally, you should be measured wearing only your undergarments. Do NOT measure yourself wearing jeans, sweats, or other bulky clothing. It DOES make a difference!

While a lot of people looking for fresh new garments still prefer traditional retail stores, data shows that some 30% are used to buying their clothes online. Hassle-free shopping at the comfort of your own home, saved time, and more competitive pricing are just a couple of reasons why individuals switch to online businesses.

However, shopping online comes with its own drawbacks, and when it comes to clothing, it’s usually the same for everyone – which size is right for me? The days when a Medium size in one store was the same Medium size in another are long gone, and if you look at your closet you probably have items all across the clothing size spectrum. That’s why it’s more important now than ever to know your body measurements.

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