Men’s Messenger Bags

vintage-retro-leather-shoulder-bagThey can be found just about everywhere in an urban setting nowadays. As far as style options are concerned, they’re one of the original hipster staples. Messenger bags for men are a safe bet, when it comes to selecting an accessory that’s both practical and cool.

Men’s messenger bags came (back) into style about a 10 years ago, when they virtually invaded cities all around the globe, from London and Milan, to NYC and Seattle, to Tokyo and Sydney and right around the corner from you.
The definition of a messenger bag isn’t that hard to infer, is it? It’s a style of bag, originally designed for carrying postal messages. It comes with a long strap, to be worn across the body or the shoulder, and it can be designed in a wide range of materials. More often than not, the sack of messenger bags is made of canvas, but leather and plastic variants are also rather common.

Messenger bags also go by a handful of other names, including carryalls, and courier bags. As you’ve probably guessed by now, they were initially used for carrying letters and other postal dispatches, even as early on as ancient times. Among others, bike couriers and Pony Express staff were the first to carry messenger bags. And nowadays in the UK, some couriers of the Royal Mail use oversized messenger bags instead of regular Postbags.
The first modern messenger bag was actually the bag worn by utility linemen in the 1950s. It was designed and its purpose was to accommodate all the tools that linemen needed when going up utility poles to fix them. The initial messenger bag was made of cotton canvas and lined with waterproof fabric. The shoulder strap was also made of cotton and webbed, the bag closed with two straps and it also had a pocket on the inside for invoices. These bags were not sold in stores, but issued to and by various messenger companies based in New York.

Globe Canvas was the main bag supplier for most such companies in New York during the 70s and 80s. Back then, messengers received the bags from their employers and you could tell who worked for whom only by the color of their bag. The De Martini bag got a facelift in 1984, when John Peters first made it nylon and added binding, as well as buckles and light-reflective stripes. And so, with these simple additions, the fashion craze for messenger bags begun. It’s worth noting that before these bags specifically made for bike riders emerged, fashion brands manufactured similar products modeled after map case bags used by the military. They have been in use for over one hundred years now.

Messenger bags have evolved to and everyday fashion trend for men. Styles vary, whether using one for out door activity, carry those papers for work, or just to keep the those items close at hand. Make your day better organized…say who you are and find the perfect men’s bag here on Men’s Fashion Fit Style.

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